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We at Clusters To Wine have a vast collection of wines from around the world which are privately owned by Wine Associations, local respectable companies/businesses and also from private wine lovers.

Please see some items that are for sale below.

How to bid or to purchase these items, please read on.


When buying or selling wine Clusters To Wine experts examine the wines conditions and ask for the wines history as to where and how it was stored. If adequate information is not received we have the right to refuse to sale on the wine. We at CTW cannot vouch for all wines that we buy and sell so there is a risk involved when buying wine let that be from us or from a respectable Auction House that the customer takes on. No complaints have been put forward to us since the Company has been established over 10 years ago. We have not had any complaints as to the wines quality nor about our service that we provide as all transactions are overlooked by the Founder of Clusters To Wine before it leaves the premises. Not much can pass by our 33 years of experience. It is simple. Our past 11 year integrity will not be tarnished because of a bad business decision just for the sake of making profit. There are plenty of other business out there that will do this and will drive there customers to my doorstep.


The wines that are sold under the P.C. (Private Collection) are either stored in our wine fridges or have been reserved in bond in warehouses. The bonded stock requires 48 hours to be released which accounts for 22% of our holdings to date.


What makes us unique and different from any other wine shop, wine sales man? We offer not just wines by the case. We break cases even exclusive wines so that individuals who wish to try or have a bottle can purchase most items. We offer a personalised delivery service that can be taken advantage of even for the same evening. Stock levels are changing rapidly by the hour. It is because of our fast moving stock and reliable personalised service combined with the best prices available to our clients on the market our list can only be requested and sent through by email.

The price quoted is an asking price. Please bear in mind that these wines have up to 15% discount on them already compared to other establishments. So before making an offer please do your research as only one offer will be put forward to the vendor.

Late night orders can be also accommodated. Once confirmation of payment has reached us, whereafter our own currier van will make its way to your destination. Delivery will only be given to a person of 18 years and over who must sign for the delivery. Please read terms and conditions of delivery before purchase. We at CTW have the right not to leave any delivery without proof of ID which is to be presented up on request if the persons age is questionable. You as the client will need to ask for another delivery which will be charged at 75% of previous delivery charge. No refund will be given if no instructions have been given if not at home. We will try and leave parcel with neighbour.


A suggestion:

If you like something on our list or portfolio buy with confidence but be prepared the wine might have been sold already. We guaranty our availabilities and volumes at the time of release and can change without notice at any given time. Before buying please contact us through email or call us on our 07434 679 202 number as we must emphasise that our stock moves fast. We will recognise Intent of Purchase for 20 minutes as to buy something online takes 5 minutes.

Please pay through Wine / Event Payment. This can be found on the left hand side under the Shop Categories. This has been created for our clients for fast and easy payment that our returning and new customers love and compliment how user friendly it is. Our returning elderly clients just love this type of payment however for more easier way to make a payment, please contact us and we will send you our bank details to pay by Bank Transfer (BACH). Please be aware that we reserve the right and we work under the rule of FIRST BUY FIRST SERVE bases.


Before buying:

Please take into account that our Depot / Offices are in Camberley S.E. England in Hampshire just off the M3. So if you need a special bottle for your dinner party that evening please calculate the distance the wine need to travel for your enjoyment. We have our own delivery service. So you may take advantage of our delivery service if your wine requires to be delivered within a certain period of time.

e.g. Order arrives for any stock, (volumes does not matter), by 6pm. Delivery is required to reach London and surrounding of 10 mile radius outside of M25. It will arrive between 7 and 8pm. The cost of this is £125 + VAT =£150. This time frame depends on availability of wine and driver. Next day delivery before noon is £62.50 + VAT=£75. If wine is requested for delivery to Midlands or Scotland a 24 hour service will be offered. The 12 hours service is available to these locations but extra cost would be incurred. Cost will depend on volume and weight this will be sent by our contracted delivery company TNT in a high-tech blow up bags that has securely delivered wine all over the world with no damage for over 9 years now.

Our specially designed VAN for delivery of wines will take your wines in perfect condition to your destination. (A free tip) most exclusive wines require settling and to be at the right temperature before serving. It is such a same if for instance your Chateau Margaux 1982 would be opened and it cannot be enjoyed as the sediment has been disturbed and or the serving temperature is not what it should be.



You have purchased a wine through CTW’s Private Collection but now you have decided you do not wish to consume your wine. We do not offer a refund as we do not know where and how and in what condition our clients are storing the wines. We offer the following two options.


A). We take the wine back and keep it for you and will not charge the standard storage of £1/month/bottle for a year, after which standard fee will apply. We will try to sell your wine in the mean time and we try to sell for a profit.

A 5% commission and storage if applicable will be deducted from the agreed selling price. Once wine has been sold payment will be made to vendor within 24 hours. 

All wines that receive an offer meaning it is lower then the asking price will be put forward to the owner beffore accepting and concluding the sale.


B). We will buy back your wine at 50% of purchase price.

We do not reccomend this as option but it is available for our clients. A document of reference of ownership just like with bonded wines will be asked for to be signed by yourself including a whitness. This is necessary to have by Law and also helps to keep the wines value. 

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